Wings of compassion is an organization with a vision of being in a society that is free from poverty, diseases, illiteracy, with good morals and better loving standards. They accomplish this through four programmes:

a) Give a child a smile programme
b) Young heroes youth programme
c) Teenage mums programme
d) HIV & AIDS Empowerment programme

It is located in Kasarani District at Thome/Marurui village, Roysambu. Wings of compassion depends entirely on donations from sponsors, supporters and well wishers. Every donation makes a difference. Your specific donation might provide a meal to a hungry family, educational support for a needy child, health care or any other support to these needy.

Yesterday (Saturday 2nd December 2017) Let Music Preach went out to show some love to the kids and young mums at Wings of Compassion Rescue Home. This was done by donating Bible Study books on ‘Pursing Purity’, novels, dictionary, bible, as well as food(cereals, flour, cooking oil, etc) which are the most urgent need of the home. A big thank you to all who made this possible.

The home still needs much more donations. From girls going to High school who need books to basic necessities such as food. Feel free to contact us via if willing to help out. Cheers!


Phoenix is the founder of Let Music Preach. He is also a creative who writes, deejays, does digital design and photography. He is passionate about using music to influence the masses.

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