Music is well said to be the speech of angels- Thomas Carlyle

Well, it’s no doubt that these amazing people are angels too. They speak Jesus through their music. Their love for God is beyond measure. Uncovered band is a group of young individuals who came together 4 years ago, whose mission is to make music that glorifies God and proclaims the Gospel.

Did you know that the name‘uncovered’ refers to Matthew 5: 14-16 where Jesus commissions the Christians to be the “light of the world”? That’s what uncovered band are all about: shining the light of Jesus to all.

Before I unfold what’s cooking from these amazing individuals, let’s first know then better. Uncovered band currently consists of 13 members whose ages vary from 19 to 27 years old. They have three recored songs so far and they’ve held Easter concerts annually. Their names are: Albert Oketch, Anjeyo Ananda, Anne Kimani, Cynthia Gumbo, Dorcas Gumbo, Eric Kahure, Eric Musasia, Joan Kariuki, Melody Njuguna, Mike Mukumbu, Miriam Oketch, Shem Gichimu and Yunju Jung.

Uncovered band’s musical journey hasn’t been an ordinary one. It’s been for a noble course and very impactful to many. Their musical story has just began; where lives all over the nations will be changed. Their music has everything to do with spreading the Gospel and making Jesus known to the world. This year is definitely going to be that season for Uncovered band to go global.

[UNCRD]_Quality Group Picture (2)

Did I mention a tour to South Korea? That’s how #EnezaConcert comes in. 1st June is the date. This concert is meant to help the band raise funds for their upcoming tour to South Korea for mission work. We can’t wait for an angelic musical experience happening soon. We’d like you to be part of this unforgettable experience and you’re invited too.

Got your tickets yet? Brace yourselves for a great musical encounter. It’s a date!

Link to their music>>https://soundcloud.com/uncovered_band



Phoenix is the founder of Let Music Preach. He is also a creative who writes, deejays, does digital design and photography. He is passionate about using music to influence the masses.

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