TURN UP THE LIGHTS by KrewStormMuzik

Kolil: (Intro)
Krew Storm Music yeah
Turn Up The Lights ×3

Jayliste: (Verse 1)
Wanifill niwe bright kama sunlight
Kwa word of mouth ukacreate day and night (Lord)
Ukafill Bartimayo pia na sight Lord
That’s why me I’ll live on the Lord’s side
I know
It’s hard to look up when youre facing down
When everything’s bad and you think you’re done
You calling out for help yet there’s none
You dial up your friends and they’re gone
But call upon the Lord God Almighty
Ukitrust and believe He is mighty atacome in a Mighty swagger
Sheto atamcheki and he starts to stagger
And you’re rescued, you’re no longer a beggar
And He will bless you, so you no longer hustling (then)
He will protect you, so you no longer worried
‘Cause You alone I live for, you alone I sing for, You alone I rap for, You alone… (Turn Up The Lights)

Kolil: (Chorus)
Turn Up The Lights,
Free me from the dark,
Turn Up The Lights,
Turn me inside out,
Cause I dont wanna fall asleep,
I don’t wanna go, go go away,
I just wanna stay with You,
So You can stay by my side
Turn Up The Lights

Mogi: (Verse 2)
Jesus Made everything possible for man even meeting with God that’s something that NASA couldn’t do even without a plan,
If you got the same thing in mind then you have got His faith the enervation makes you feel the energy at stake,
There’s gravity to every object,
My story is true but the lawyer is telling the judge I object, but
Everytime i’m trying, I’m falling coz i’m trying by myself,
I thought that I could do this on my own,
Perfection is the process,
The world is downloading,
But when I went to Christ all my burdens He offloaded,
I’m a regular,
Everybody thinks the world is angular,
God is the source every other is a resource,
Look why believe in my ability,
When the one who gave it to me is the one who gives me capability, I said,
Musically music needs muse and when it’s Jesus music,
Now I’m sure that’s it’s good news, coz
My Mama always told me not to care about rhyming,
Coz when you rap the word it automatically comes in, said
I follow I grow, I don’t borrow or flow,
But whenever I glance, I can see the glow,
I’m facing my giants, they’re afraid of me,
Friends moving further and enemies say that I’m stronger coz the life,
Of Jesus Christ in me is so amazing, is so amazing, is so amazing,
So turn up the lights…


Kolil: (Outro)
It’s dark, Its cold
And Lord You know I need You more and more
Though I’m scared of the weather,
I need Your love, Your grace and Your Power,
So Turn Up The Lights

Chorus ×2

[YouTube link to video: https://t.co/vqkHzkTI4t]

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