How do we know a chord is perfect? By the harmony. Made up of a combination of notes, whether three or four, it has to give the desired harmony as intended. All the noted in it have a role to play in the building of the harmony that build up with other harmonies to make music. Imagine in C chord, if the E note would say that it won’t give a sound or it will compromise its characteristic sound, would it be a C chord? Absolutely no, and the music would be a mess.

Each note has a role to play to giving the perfect harmony. If one gets proud and does not work, no chord is achieved but a bunch of useless muddy notes. If a Chord is imperfect, a bass tab is out of place, a wrong drum pattern, and an off-key singer, is that music? It’s just noise.

Back to the chord. The chord is a body buildup of member notes. If the notes don’t supply appropriately to the chord either because they are off tune, rusty, broken, there is no chord.That’s how we are together, a chord, each one of us a note giving a characteristic unique sound. I as an E, you as a C and another as a G make a C chord that makes a perfect harmony.

Christ being the head of us as the body, we need to form such a perfect harmony to be heard by the nations making such a perfect Chord known as Christ. But we as His body, made up of many members have to work together perfectly tuned, upright, uncompromised & submitted to our main note which is Christ, in order to give a harmony that makes everyone know Christ.

If our harmony is not Christ, then what we producing is an imperfect Chord.

The scripture says that we are one body, one loaf. Christ being the head of the body. However, this body is made up of different members that have to work together to make this body whole. My Chord has to be perfect as a pianist, you tab has to be right as a bassist, another ones pattern has to be correct as a drummer to make musical sense when we play together.

The eye cannot say to the nose “I don’t need you” How will the eye get the oxygen? The leg cannot say to the eye “You are useless to me” How will it see where it’s stepping?

Let us give and supply as we are required. We have to give our all to this one body to perfect the body of Christ. To me, in this context, the perfect chord is CHRIST.

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