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Hip Hop superstar MUHANJII, releases his debut video and EP Compilation at the same time as he affirms his position in the industry with spectacular display of artistry and branding. This song has a theme that every young christian can relate to. “The song is based on Mathew 8:23, Jesus called a storm to utmost silence when everything seemed not possible. Then again I got a vibe of seeing Jesus’ reflection in my storm, true to the word in the book of Mathew and in the song its always okay so long as you are sailing with Jesus” Muhanjii said.

SAWA is a sleek hip hop track coupled up with new age, futuristic sonic appeal that will have every Muharmy fan a reason to have it on repeat mode. #SAWA. The Video was Directed by Jijo Drumbeats for JD Films, Audio Produced by 808 wafalme, Mixed and mastered by Ngalah of Boxhouse Media.

Muhanjii is a brand built on being unconventionally conventional christian urban lifestyle, this track and the video are just a highlighting of the same. The official video is the second release after top charting Blandah and his debut music video since going solo and being signed up to Verse5ve’s Agency5ve Record Label. Agency 5ve is a Kenyan record label that operate as a subsidiary of Verse 5ve. Majorly deals with all its artists’ brand management, marketing, music publishing, touring and merchandising, major partnerships and new business ventures for the brands on its roster.

Muhanjii released his EP at a private event on Tuesday night at Imax Arfa Lounge dubbed #MuhanjiiAtImax where the guests got to sample the tracks on his self titled EP. The EP has 6 tracks:
1. Ni Yeye (Produced by Rob Omol)
2. Blandah (Produced by 808 Wafalme and mixed and mastered by Ngalah for Box House Media)
3. Sawa (Produced by 808 Wafalme and mixed and mastered by Ngalah for Box House Media)
4. Favour (Produced by Yo Alex for Drama House Music)
5. Hate (Produced by Mike Muema)
6. On Time (Produced by Rob Omol)
and a Bonus track : Bout’ That Life feat. Verse 5ve (Produced by Mike Jay for Realtym Music)

When asked about the diversity of music in his EP, Muhanjii said that he is easy with many genres. This definitely gives his listeners a taste of his musical creativity. Two months into his solo career, Muhanjii is tipped to be the next mover and shaker in the African Christian Hip Hop Industry with a two top charting singles, a video and an all time classic self titled EP. Keep your eyes and ears open for news on his next project.

Buy Muhanjii’s Debut EP:

Blandah lyrics by Muhanjii

Blandah lyrics by Muhanjii

Kuna church ukienda ni blandah
Look ukipiga ni blandah
Dame ukioa ni blandah
[ Blandah ]*2

Kuna venye ukivaa ni blandah
Time uwaste ni blandah
Talent uwaste ni blandah
[ Blandah ]*2

Hiyo ni blandah *7
Life bila Christ hiyo ni blandah

Eey .. niaje .. niko fiti boy,
Sina stress sina presha niko fiti boy,
Okay. … ukona watch sina rolly boy,
Time ya Yesu niko ndani me ni wake boy,
Aaaaaah nice nina stori boy,
Feel free chapa gumzo tuko base boy,
Sina ganji sina plan me nasaka boy,
Niku ngori kwanza mtaani ni kubaya boy,.. .eyy
Matha kufungiwa keja,
Buda madre mtasis naye mteja,
Baby mama kunifata presha presha
Mjunior nayo kumea . ..eey
Jioni nihang kwa mathree
Nipate ganji nikalipe fee
Nai hakuna cha free hakuna cha free
Hawa wote ni mafisi,
Chief chief tulia boy
Hiyo yote joh ni ngori but solution boy,
Sina mengi ya kusema still thinking boy
Lakini kusema ukweli manze hiyo ni blandah.

Hiyo ni blandah *7
Life bila Christ hiyo ni blandah

I mean nacheki vile unahepa na unadai unasolve
Sitakuficha sitakuchocha ukweli ntahave kusay
Hauna plan hauna njia utamake aje kizee,
Hii ni hardwork na kupray hakuna shortcut manze
Si wee ndio ulianza mangeta, ukajichocha ati ni wee ndio kusema
Ukajiita mauru pale system chuo haukumada,
King wa mtaa ni wee king ya mtaa si wee sasa husemi
Ona mashida ni mob ona mablanda ni mob decision ni yako
Napenda vile kuna presha,
Napenda vile kuna struggle,
Napenda vile haibambi,
Napenda vile kuna ngori .. .eish
Tough times got you thinking boy,
Tergat usain bolt no running boy
Face your fears do it right have a plan boy
Pray to God seek his face have a plan boy
Let your miss be a hit in the future boy
If i start being comfortable hiyo ni blandah

Hiyo ni blandah *7
Life bila Christ hiyo ni blandah


After the most recently concluded Famous5ve event, which hosted Multiple Award Winning American Artist – Sho Baraka on June 4th 2017, Verse5ve is on a roll as it announced operations of their new label – Agency5ve – today. Agency5ve, which is set to release its first product in the next few days, will majorly deal with all its artists’ brand management; marketing; music publishing; touring & merchandising; major partnerships and new business ventures for the brands on its roaster.

Agency5ve will officially be home to newly signed multi-talented rapper/artist Muhanjii in label. Muhanjii is a former member of The T412 Rap group and recently featured on Verse5ve’s recent Famouse5ve’s Open Mic Session(Class of 2017) Powered by Boom Play Music and Ghetto Radio 89.5 begins his solo career on a high with an untitled project already in the works and everyone literally waiting to hear and see him maximize this major career move.

Asked on why Agency 5ve settled on Muhanjii as the first artist under the Label, “Muhanjii has the thrill, Zeal and Energy new artists should have. I believe he can be a game changer in the Kenyan Christian Hip-Hop Industry and if everything works as planned he might actually just cross the East African borders” – Co – Founder Johnson Juma mentioned. Agency 5ve is the first label of its kind in Kenya that targets to grow the local Christian Hip-Hop scene. It might just grow to become a global phenomenon and join the leagues of Reach Records and Humble Beast.

Label Executive Dennis Karenge and Co-Founder Albert Zakayo highlighted the label’s desire to maximise on the advancement of digital media and technology in the music industry. “Our mission is to put Kenyan Christian Hip Hop music on the map as a premium region in African scene.” – Label Executive – Dennis Karenge commented. With their A – List team already executing major moves ahead of Muhanjii’s first single release scheduled for next week, Agency5ve cannot wait to see the success of this relationship and looks forward to the addition of other new and fresh artists to add to its roaster as time goes by.