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Kamlesh Kagaba releases his third studio album – L.A.M.B. (Living All My Bars)


Patrick Kagaba a.k.a Kamlesh Kagaba is an East African Christian rapper and poet born and raised in Kenya by a Kenyan Mum and a Ugandan father. He began rapping at 16 years of age and started doing gospel rap in 2006 when he responded to the gospel and became a follower of Christ. Kamlesh Kagaba uses the Biblical sound as inspiration to his music ministry while making use of rap that allows for expression of his creative gift in a fun but thought provoking style to stir people from all generations to cultivate an intimate and meaningful relationship with God.

“MADLOVE MIXTAPE Vol.1”, a collaborative project with top gifted artistes across the Kenya in 2009 set an entry platform for him in the gospel music ministry. In 2011, he released his debut album “InDependence” which received incredible review ratings from top music industry players setting a platform that introduced him to the wider East African region. He toured Uganda and Tanzania. InDependence was themed on “Living in total surrender to God”. It featured hits such as “Its Okay”, “Changing the World”, “Mapangashua” & “Songa Mbele”

2014 was a defining moment in his life when he lost his mum. The experience served as a reminder of the frailty and temporal nature of human life; also, it inspired him to work on “Breaking News”, his sophomore album. The album was successfully released through a full live band concert on 13th December, 2015. The project contained inspirational hits such as “Mfalme” (featuring the Late Kaberere & Jaya), “Fika Bei”, “Nia Yako”, “Mwangaza” and “Frequency Yake” among others.

Kamlesh Kagaba has earned great respect among key music ministry and industry players due to rich content that speak to those in and those out of the Christian faith to live a life that edifies God and humanity. He has been nominated in the renowned Mwafaka Awards as a top Gospel Rap Artiste, Hip Hop Song of The Year. This talented rapper has performed alongside top global artistes such as Da T.R.U.T.H., Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Deitrick Haddon, The Ambassador, K.B., S.O and Trip Lee.

In 2017, he was elected as the first Chairman of the Kenyan Holy Hip-hop Association and is serving to see Kenyan Christian hiphop grow to greater heights as he takes part-time studies in Ministry at the East Africa Baptist School of Theology. Kamlesh Kagaba is a dedicated husband and father. He is a strong believer and advocates for the family institution and staying plugged to a local church.


L.A.M.B. is Kamlesh Kagaba’s third studio album, the acronym stands for “Living All My Bars”; a complete thought emphasizing the eminence of living out what we say especially as believers. The heart of the message aims to exhort and instruct the listener to put to practice what they proclaim.

L.A.M.B. is primarily based on:

  • Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity, (Titus 2: 7&8)
  • I tell you, on the Day of Judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.” (Matthew 12:36-37)

This masterpiece recording has some amazing features including Loso, a respected name in the Christian Hip Hop circles globally and top Christian rappers in the continent David Kalilani, Limoblaze, Courtney Antipas, Elandre, Rigga, Noel Nderitu, Tybe & Mohwaz.

L.A.M.B. strives to drive home the message of being TRUE TO SELF, GOD & HUMANITY by urging us to bear fruits that are consistent with the faith that we profess. Just as Matthew 7:16 says, “You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles?”


One of the key concerns is how it appears that the Gospel music scene is being defined and guided more by the music culture than Christ and the scriptures. This is also true in most career fields and society in general. Christians have become lukewarm in living out what we proclaim and preach. If Kenya’s population is 70% Christian, as statistics currently show, why does the character of this nation not match this statistic? Are we Christians by speech and name but actions and character the exact opposite?

What causes this disparity?

  • Lack of Discipleship [and accountability]
  • Pride [Lack of Humility]
  • Lack of Impact, togetherness with Churches, Vision.
  • Lack of commitment to the local Church &its mission.
  • Lack of sound teaching


L.A.M.B. aims to:-

  • Put more emphasis on character development than just craft enhancement in music and ministry.
  • Enhance faithful handling of God’s word and establish a discipleship culture in the Gospel music scene for the sake of growth in the faith to effectively advance the Gospel.
  • Help uprising and established Christian musicians approach their music with biblical views and solutions in order to produce a systematic change in the community.

Using the above model, L.A.M.B. will spread the same message to other sectors of the society in a bid to create a more impactful Christian movement in the country and beyond.

This will be achieved through a myriad of media beyond the music album, namely; conferences, Workshops and Seminars, Tours/Concerts & Publications

All these will be geared towards:

  • Bringing a missional balance to our generation. ~ Matthew28; 18-20
  • Getting us to re-evaluate our hearts. ~ 2 Corinthians 13:5
  • Edifying, educating and equipping believers (starting with Gospel Musicians) ~ Ephesians 4:12


01 L.A.M.B. [ft.Rigga]

02 Njaa [ft. Tybe]

03 Weka Mic Chini

04 Most High [ft. Loso & Mohwaz]

05 Far Beyond

06 Soldier On

07 Biblical Support

08 Kioo Ngozi

09 More Than Words

10 Wanilinda [ft. Mohwaz & Noel Nderitu]

11 L.A.M.B. Remix [ft. David Kalilani, Elandre, Limoblaze, Courtney Antipas & Rigga]

12 Kamanda Full [Bonus Track]

Executive Producer: Kamlesh Kagaba (for UrbanLight Recordings)

Tracks Mixed & Mastered by: Michael “Othole” Mukama of NYNP, Charles Righa and Gittx of Rhyme-X Production

Album Mastered by: Michael “Othole” Mukama of NYNP

How to get the album:

KAMANDA FULL by Kamlesh Kagaba

KAMANDA FULL by Kamlesh Kagaba

Yeah, Kamanda Full
Kamanda wa Makamanda, this is my story, listen

1987, date eleven, mwezi wa seven
After baba kuponea, noma za Obote na Museven
Yaani vurugu  za Uganda, ndipo nilipo zaliwa Kamanda
Early 1990s hii nairobi nikabisha
Waruku burning shida zikanikaribisha
Mama jobless baba author cum publisher
Title poa but kihela hazikuendanisha
A family of six kwenye shack ya mbao
Nashuku nimewahi though sikumbuki nikilala ubao
Wengine wakila chakula finger licking
Our roof was leaking
Abit later, tukasonga to keja ya mabati
Room tu mbili but man ilikuwa bahati
Matha akapata job flani hata hairidhishi
But she always tried to come home na kitu cha kudishi
By then nilikuwa Kangemi primary aka gumbaro
Kabla nifike daro maze nilikuwa navuka mitaro
Vitu zikaimproove nikachange shule ya msingi to Muthangari
Nilihisi poa even though sio ati ni chuo kali
But ju iko located lavi
Nikaanza kuget exposure flani ya kibabi
Nakumbuka nikienda chuo kalesa, ubao inanileta
Ni grace tu ilinibeba
Two thao na moja
Interest ya hip hop ikaanza kugrow but ngoja
High school nikaenda Kitale pale boma high
Matha alifunguwa biz na ikapanda high
Form two, nikaanza kuandika bars tu kujibamba
By form three, nikashika M I C mara ya kwanza
Juu ya showcase fiti nikapewa tikiti
Kuenda Kijana Poa compe flani ilikuwanga eld
Hii ilikuwa 2004, boy mpyenga but anaslay show
Two thao na tano juu ya teo nikalay low
2006, nikadrop ni pambano
My debut single done by stano
By this time bado sijajua the gospel
Nilikuwa tu after kuwa na dope skill
Bonge la hypocrite, kuishi unlegit
Washi na kuparty man upevert indeed
Same year nikajipa kwa gospel nikaanza kusink in
Nikakiri damu ya Yesu ndio dawa ya my sin
Nikaweka all my faith in him
Hapa nimefika ni his work on the cross
Shout out to Pst. Dawson of course
2008, nikafunga virago nikarudi nai
Kuskuma hii mziki roho ju mpaka day itawai
Nikaaga maboy wangu akina Teddy B
Sikujua ndoto zitakam kujipa maen isivi
Nikameet Jefro pale wapi
Akaniinvite gig ya upendo chizi
Nikafeel at home kukick it na ma G
Wanapenda Jesus na Ministry
Mwaka huo ndio nilipoanza kudate mshi
Nikipray that one day atacome kuwa my wifey
2010, mabadiliko tour na jeshi ya kijiji
Irony ni walikuwa wanatoka ubabini na me kwa kijiji
After hapo nikaomba mshi tuipeleke next level
Mpaka bullet ya mwisho
Bonge la jiko, na recipe ya kucook
The Kagabas tulipitia but God did it for our good
Kuperform groove by then ilikuwa ni sifa
Tukado set ya CTA na ikajipa
Then as a guest nikaitwa show wapi
Gig yangu ya fao kukanjwa thao karibu twenty
May 2012 nikadrop ki debut album independence
Ila jeshi wakadai leta more content
2013, collabo “Chini ya Maji” na MOG
Beat commercial but, bado nikapenya ma G
2014 Feb sista akanicall usiku matha ako pabaya bro
Please say a prayer na ukiweza hata kesha bro
Kesho yake ngware, missed calls galore
Nikapigwa na wimbi
Nilipojua that matha alipromotiwa to glory
Kwa mapito yangu bado mfalme alikuwa juu
Nikaita Kabz tuabudu mfalme mkuu
2015, habari zikachipuka sophomore album
Project ilinitake much but I loved the outcome
Shout out to Othole Mukama kutonidoubt man
Genuine supporter, tangu day one
UrbanLight for life whether nifloat au nidrown son
Same year nikaingia bible college
Ive always had a zeal for sound biblical knowledge
2016, mwaka wa transition
From charismatic to the reformation
Usinibague kidenominational
Am not about the movements niko after what’s biblical)
Nikamove chuo nikamove church
2017 bado am still here, still a solid cat
Third floor naingia ka nimelearn much
Life yangu ni open book, nikae kwa local church
Ju bado sijatoboa bado nalearn kuendure poa
Na whatever happened to me, was never by accident
For me kufika hapa, neema ya Mola ni evident
Boy mchafu, but God huniosha
Character and family life the rest ni chocha.

Wanilinda lyrics by Kamlesh Kagaba ft Mohwaz and Noel Nderitu


Kamlesh Kagaba Kamanda wa makamanda
Mohwaz maboys wa bars
Noel Nderitu nakucheki
UrbanLight, kwa beat ya D.O
Boston mpaka 254

Hatari langoni ni bao Kamlesh; sipotezi nafasi
Tafadhali mweleze farao no stress; harakisha farasi
Lazima tupimane nao vi fresh; Maulana yu nasi
Na njaro za mwili sahau za flesh; hukatika kwa kasi
Nahitaji Imani Ngize; nehema ni gawe kiburi reduce
Roho wako sii pia nimpokee; kuishi nawe ndio mii ni na choose/x2
Flow imefungwa; flow iko ndani ni Kama mahbus
Mistari imetungwa; tangu zamani kipaji na use
Beat Ina gonga; kick ina chapa inachoma ma fuse
Army Ina songa; jeshi la tamba hatujali ma bruise
Naomba naomba na kesha misuli za prayer za zidi kugrow
Ukisoma ukisoma somesha vizuri kwa snare na ujiamini kwa flow
Na kaa ni kunoma komesha shughuli ombea ushindi ma bro
Wata pokea uwingi Wa dough; wata nonea shilingi za show kwisha..

[Eeh na Wanilinda baba mimi,
Nasimama kamili,
You are the strength when am weak,
Heeey Wanilinda .] x2

Baba wanilinda; naomba niwe more humble pride niwachie simba
Nisisubiri kuitwa mzito na siko worth the wait [weight]
Huu si mjadala though kwa mtego ya Mola am the bait [debate]
Nimekuja kutether ndovu kwa tooth pic
Siitiki ras juu ukiongeza a itakuwa matusi
Hii dunia gunia ndiposa bila Yesu it sucks [sack]
Utunzi mbovu ni mzigo kwa msikilizaji
So hata ka; sembe ni buda ya uji bado dhambi ina udhi
Ngoja; kamanda naraise the bar hadi walevi wanarudi sober
Unafiki ni kufast tu ile season umesota
Si; maji ya mbali hayakati kiu
So mbona nioge kwa umande na Yesu alilipa due [dew]
Before you quote the realest thing you ever wrote
I hope the King of kings dominates your footnotes
Ju kila bar ni whack kama haiadvance the kingdom
Scripture dawa ya kila syndrome; ratili ya kila opinion
Mwangaza hudhaminiwa by aliyekuwa gizani
Sauti kuu kanisani ni ya Mola sio ya kuhani
You were born for more than just to slay
Sisi bride so let’s live like the bridegroom is coming back today kweli kabisa

[ Eeh na Wanilinda baba mimi
Nasimama kamili
You are the strength when am weak
Heeey Wanilinda ] x2
Outro: Noel Nderitu
[Wanilinda] x3