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I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought that my ears deceived me too. It felt like some of those times when you wish that time could fly so fast. That all clocks could strike thirteen. I wished my past could be carried away by a swift neck-breaking whirlwind. My head was so cramped and my eyes itchy with fatigue but still my afternoon didn’t seem to come to an end. The silence was deafening!!

What kind of life is this? Why can’t the long wait come to an end? It felt like the minute-hand on my watch had stood still and my calendar dates stuck on one long day. It felt like a heavy truck glued in the mud with no hope of ever moving even half an inch.

I raised my voice towards the heavens so loudly that I was afraid the whole world could hear me. My voice echoed across the thick green terrain. Hours later, the fierce looking clouds stared at me as if they would fall off the sky and run after me. What did I do wrong? I couldn’t get it. Still no sign. What do I do? I lay down with my head touching the ground because I couldn’t look up any more.

I sobbed in distress. My heart was heavy. I said my prayer a dozen more times but still nothing! Seconds had turned to minutes, minutes to hours and hours to many days. A year later I couldn’t see the sun rise or even set. My eyes didn’t even seem to trace the horizon of hope. Everything was dark. Darker than the deepest pit. Darker than the darkest coal on earth. I had to leave. With my hurting self, I just had to start moving.

My feet were feeble and very sore. Just as I rose up to walk, I heard a soft small voice like a flute so many meters away. It got clearer and I heard the best words ever! The serenity in my heart was incomprehensible.

“My son, why are you in despair? I am the Sovereign Lord and my thoughts are not like yours, neither are my ways. I never sleep nor slumber. How you perceive everything in your life is not the way I do. Some things in life are best learned in the darkest moments of your life and I need you to trust me more?  Did you know that the dry desert in your life draws you more to the river of life? In the silence is where my answer is. My desire is that you trust the miracle even when it’s not already there. I love you so much to let you go. I am with you.”

“Are you going through the darkest moments in your life and it feels like the heavens are silent? Praise Him with songs of thanksgiving! Desire Him more and allow Him to teach your heart to wait. If Abraham and Sarah didn’t wait, what would have become of their generation? Would Job receive the double portion of His wealth and riches either? May be through your waiting is when others will see God. It’s not easy but it’s worth it!”

Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God”


We are in a journey to achieving a set goal either socially, spiritually, economically or academically (the list may continue). We work hard day and night researching, working and praying so that our goal becomes a reality one day and for most of us, very soon. It’s like we have already figured it all out.

However, we most times forget a very important thing, process. Let’s use the example of salvation. When we got saved, it was a start of a journey in Christ. A journey to perfection, to be like Christ. This journey is neither smooth nor simple. There are trials, temptations, afflictions and persecutions. Why do these things come? They are to mature us from being babes to mature sons in Christ. They all come in the journey to the ultimate goal of salvation. We have to be tested to remove anything that is imperfect. If everything was without a process, we would never grow up. Let’s use this very obvious example, after being brought into the world, we had to go through Primary school then high school, college, an internship and until you can be given a job and you have to deliver. That in itself is a process. Imagine without the process and you are given the books of accounts to balance in a bank, you would not. Many of us hate and try to avoid processes so that we can achieve our goal overnight.

I appreciate processes because they have helped me grow up, have greater responsibilities and also enabled me make right decisions. The best example of a process I’d refer to is in the story of Joseph the son of Jacob (Gen 30- 50)

Joseph was sold by his brothers to Egypt and God took him through tough stages to mature him up until he became second in command in a foreign land. If he had not gone through the processes, and his brothers appear before him as they did when they went to look for food in Egypt, due to bitterness, he would have done them harm. However, God had worked on his heart and removed everything that was not of Him and taught him such that when he saw his brothers, he was delighted instead. That is the benefit of a process.

Let us not be a MICROWAVE GENERATION that wants things created and used in a day. We have to wait and walk step by step until we are there. As long as we have a goal and we are in course, we cannot avoid processes that toughen and are a measuring tool as to whether we are ready for the next level, just as exams are used in school. The stages in the process are not pleasant but God strengthens us so that we can overcome and become victorious.

Let us get ready for it, it may be bitter but it’s fruits are so sweet.

(Gal 4:1-2) Now I say that the heir, as long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave, though he is master of all, but is under guardians and stewards until the time appointed by the father.

Let’s embrace the principle of being made by God to what He desires of us. We should not forget that God is the potter and we are the clay. He molds us to His ideal perfect vessel. Let’s allow God to make us, to take us through the process. In every aspect of our lives education, ministry, talent or career. Nothing will come in a silver plate. We have to be formed for it first before we receive it. Shalom

Will you allow the formation process to your destiny?



It was the beginning of October. We had spent most of the year paying down huge financial obligations, such as the house, and were excited the year was almost over. All was well until my company announced that there was going to be some job eliminations. I felt bad for those that were about to loose their jobs and didn’t give it a second thought since I was excellent at what I did – or so I thought.  I was on my computer one day and received a meeting invite from the departmental head. I felt a knot in my stomach. The same knot I felt when I was refused a visa many years ago. The same knot I felt when I lost everything in an international trip. I walked into the bosses elegant office and there was told that my job had been eliminated. I had 2 children at home, a wife, and numerous financial obligations – and here I was jobless.

The Transition

I was downcast, depressed, frustrated, scared – you name it. It took me a few days to muster enough courage to tell my wife what had happened. She in turn told me she was pregnant. Think of that. We were expecting a new baby, and I had just been laid off. How will we pay the medical bills? How are we even sure we will not be out sleeping on the streets soon? Oh, this is the worst season of our lives, or was it? No. As soon as I heard she was pregnant, my depression left. I felt joy. I knew God will never give us this child if He wasn’t going to provide. I finally asked that immortal question: What is God doing now? And God answered deep in my spirit. I could see now that He was enlarging our coast. That he was helping me quit a job I was so scarred of quitting but should have. He was telling me that an era was coming to an end, with a new one dawning. I smiled lovingly at my wife as the revelation hit. We named the child “Akuchi”, meaning “God’s wealth”.

Now It’s On You

Within a few weeks, I was offered new employment that was less stressful and payed way more. I got the job title that I had dreamed of having for years. My old company provided a generous severance package which enabled us expand and take the long trip we had always wanted. I say this testimony to encourage someone today. Maybe that’s you. Are you going through really hard times? Could it be that God is trying to make a decision for you that you are too scarred to make yourself? Could He be moving you from one era to another? Have you asked, “What is God doing now?”. Believe it or not, God is working. Through the shame, the tears and the heart ache, He is doing something new. You are being downsized so you can be uplifted. You are taking a step backwards so you can lunge 2 steps forward. Now it is on you to ask and find out, what God is doing now?

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is , and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him – Hebrew 11:6

God bless you!