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I’ve come to praise you with my gifts and offerings.
My strong tower my help and hope comes from you
Nobody greater greater
Pokea sifa tele

But the world they don’t understand the mystery that’s in lifting hands.
But I’ve come to praise you, praise you X2

My God you are my source of life
The great deliverer
I’ve come to praise you, praise you X2

Twakuja kwa shangwe na nderemo kwako baba
Wastahili twakuiniua mfalme mkuu
Wewe ni Alpha Omega
Pokea sifa tele.

#High5ve Review

On Sunday, Verse 5ve Events Limited held their 6th event since 2014. The event dubbed #High5ve was mainly focused on deejay performances. 6 deejays in total were present to keep the show running. @thedjre who had a #Trap set was the first on the decks and started right on time. I do love people who know how to keep time. I have been to events which start 2 hours late disappointing all who got there on time. Anyway, all were treated to his great selection with the likes of Andy Mineo’s music piercing the surrounding. Hehe, people definitely got to know an event was underway in Memorial Park.
Dj Double O took over with some #newskool jams. As the Mcs- Church boy and Manu from Recap hyped the crowd. All the old cats were treated with some back in the day jams by Dj Krowbar. Now the most interesting set was from Mike Muema, an EDM producer from kubamba. As we sampled his Space and Depth EP + a few more remixes. I couldn’t help but laugh myself away as guys tried out some crazy moves.
Dj Mellops ushered in the performances from Dice Crew and Jims and Dims. All kinds of tech gadgets ensured the moment could be replayed again. He eventually completed his #Remix set and Deejay Sanch completed the show with some #Afropop. I believe this was the set with the most energy. With music from the likes of Annette Tenaya, Winky Daily the centre stage was thronged as dance moves were randomly chosen by the MCs and dance krews. If you kept up with all the energy am sure you may as well had your fair share of aching legs once you got home…hehe…but it was definitely worth it.

Verse 5ve organizers Jush and Zack definitely took a risk running a deejay themed event and the result was mindblowing. Well there you have it…a look at the one of best event November has to offer.

Make sure you join the next Verse 5ve event>> #‎SheGot5ve‬ on February 21st 2016. You can follow them via the links below:

Facebook : Verse 5ve
Twitter : @verse5ve
Instagram : verse5ve
You Tube :  Verse5ve Events

#High5ve THRILL

Originally By Ian Obyz
Verse 5ve has mainly been dubbed a hiphop event. The November edition, #High5ve has better things in store. Music will include #EDM, #Newskul, #Afropop, #Oldskul, #Trap, #Hiphop and so much more. On the decks will be Deejay Sanch, Deejay Double O, Deejay Mellops , DJ Krowbar (‘the Record master selector’) and Deejay Re. Mike Muema an amazing EDM producer will also be doing his “Live on Set” thing. Your hosts will be MC Churcboy and Manu of Recapp. For those who love Dance, Jims&Dims and Dice Crew will minister through their art as they teach you some new dance moves.

Sample the promo below for a feel of what will be going down!>> #High5ve EDM Promo ( @TheDjRe x Mike Muema)

high 5veTickets go for 200(ADVANCE) and 300(AT THE GATE). See you there!