I wake in the morning, I just don’t feel it.
Somebody stole the vibe, n’ straight killed it.
Reminded by E-shon, not to worship these feelings.
Praying up to God asking, will you deal with it.
Lost Church as my home, thanks to Terry Mor-row.
Left my heart alone,
it’s in need of a transplant.
Infected like bone marrow,
spirit can’t transcend.
Plenty of white blood, I’m short on the red.
Light on platelets, they rep-re-sent him.
Lord please excuse my tone,
I don’t know how long its been.
That I didn’t feel, like a has been.
Take your mainstream artists, I can be all of them.
Head low I look down, no J’s on my feet.
I’d rather look up, to Sanders, Givens an Mon-ty
But sum days I give up, no hos-pi-tal in me.
Hopsin instead of, hospit-hu-mili-ty

Father please forgive me for I have sinned…
For turning on the radio and being like all of them….
I’m supposed to be different
I’m supposed to be set apart
Lord Jesus come in and give me a new heart

Bullet in the chamber, locked n’ loaded.
Will I pull it, can I really do it.
By looking in the mirror, you wouldn’t even notice.
Riddled inside, overcome with emotions.
Iam not afraid to admit it,
status Kid cudddy (cudi).
Not arms or legs, it’s my heart that I’m cutting.
Visualy clean outside, inward bloody.
Opposite of how Christ died, he’s oh so lovely.
Took my sin, exchanged for whole new cov-en-ant.
Faith in him, he’s gracious, Jesus is ru-di-ment.
Galtatians 3:26
No relations to that click, cuz this is Galatians 2-1-6

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