Soulties … A Devotional Study


Its 2A.m in the morning, I start having breathing complications and is so uncomfortable that I have to wake my folks to rush me to hospital. Minutes past three a.m, am in a hospital bed fighting for my life, with an excess of a wrong prescription. However by God’s grace I pull through and at six, am back to the house. My old man would hear nothing about me going outside the house let alone to school. I am not sure I can also handle the pain and the class so I stay indoors.

But in the midst of the pain shut up in my bones, I do something that may seem crazy,… I begin to have a craving, a just unending desire, to FELLOWSHIP WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. Yes you had it right. I take my Bible books and begin to end my long research on Soulties.

It moves me to more brokenness, and I can’t keep it to myself, so I walk to social media on my page (@heartbeakfke), and begin sharing under the tag #Soulties. After am done, I get a couple of DMs, of people who wish to share the #Ties_Story with me. It can’t get any better than this. As I sit in my room looking how much God had honoured me with His presence, I am compelled to do this write-ups perhaps to reach out to one more person out there and to cause a change to their lives all glory to God.

Sorry, it may be a lengthy post, but worth a read.

A soul tie is an emotional bond or connection that unites you with someone else.You and I can become bound to aperson through your/my soul. Have you found yourself tormented by thoughts about a person, excessively wondering about them, checking on them, rehearsing times with them? If so, you have soul ties. Have you grieved over a severed relationship with someone you were once close to? If so, you probably have soul ties.

Soul ties are formed through close friendships, through vows,commitments and promises, and through physical intimacy. Not all soul ties are bad. God wants us to have healthy relationships that build us up, provide wisdom, and give godly counsel. God will strategically bring good relationships into our lives to form healthy soulties. “When David had finished speaking to Saul,the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own life” (1 Sam. 18:1 (AMP). In contrast, Satan always brings counterfeits into our lives to form unhealthy soul ties.

A few ways unhealthy soul ties can be formed include:
*Abusive relationships (physically, sexually, emotionally, verbally)
*Adulterous affairs
*Sex before marriage
*Obsessive entanglements with a person (giving them more authority in your life than you give to God)
*Controlling relationships.

This could be in addition to others. It brings me to a point of finding out what then are the indicators of a soulties. In a nutshell. I will share only four :

A. Feeling Confused:
When you are outside the will of God in a
particular relationship, you will experience confusion. Your feelings will tell you one thing; your spirit will tell you another. That’s where the confusion comes in. You need to remember that God is the author of peace Himself not confusion.

B. Feeling miserable:
When we persist in doing something that we know God is not in agreement with, we will experience a type of misery that doesn’t go away. You may feel uneasy inside, extreme anxiety, sorrow or pain. You may feel disgusted by what you’re doing, yet feel powerless to change your situation.

C. Tormented mind:
The mind of Christ is one that is at peace no matter what the circumstances. When Satan has invaded our souls through wrong soul ties, our minds will not be at rest. This is where your battle takes place. Is your mind constantly replaying images of the past and rehearsing previous conversations like a broken record? Do your thoughts produce fear or make you feel unclean?

D. Stagnation:                                                                                                                                                                              Lastly, If you feel like you have been dealing with a situation for far too long and nothing seems to help you get beyond it, remember this phrase: God will not advance your instructions beyond your last act of disobedience. If you don’t fully obey what God is telling you to do, you will never move beyond your current circumstances.

But thanks be to God, there is hope for everyone of us, I used to think this were only stories, I now know that, Soulties are real. That shirt he gave you that you cling on daily when you miss him, that bracelet you are not feeling like you ever want to let go, could be the physical link you have remaining.  Well David says that God, “RESTORES HIS SOUL”.  Its the same prayer I feel I need to make for myself today and all of us.

There are 4 Key steps to breaking soul ties:
1. Acknowledge
2. Confess and Repent
3. Forgive
4. Break and Remove
First, we need to acknowledge that there is a problem . Ask the Lord to show you who you have ungodly soul ties with. Make a list if you need to.
Secondly, we need to confessand repent of our sins . This may involve finding a Godly accountability partner that you can confess to and who can help you walk through the process. It maybe be a church counselor, pastor or elder or a family member.

Next, we need to find forgiveness. We need to accept God’s forgiveness, we need to forgive ourselves and lastly, we need to forgive our former partners or abusers . Remember, “ Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. ”

Finally, you need to verbalize a prayer to break off the soul ties . You need to speak it out! Life and death are in the power of the tongue so when you speak out you are declaring with your mouth the power of Christ to break the ties to your past. You must also do an inventory and remove any mementoes, gifts or souvenirs from those past relationships

Hope this will help just one person, change just one person, and it is me and you for His work to advance.

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