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Wings of compassion is an organization with a vision of being in a society that is free from poverty, diseases, illiteracy, with good morals and better loving standards. They accomplish this through four programmes:

a) Give a child a smile programme
b) Young heroes youth programme
c) Teenage mums programme
d) HIV & AIDS Empowerment programme

It is located in Kasarani District at Thome/Marurui village, Roysambu. Wings of compassion depends entirely on donations from sponsors, supporters and well wishers. Every donation makes a difference. Your specific donation might provide a meal to a hungry family, educational support for a needy child, health care or any other support to these needy.

Yesterday (Saturday 2nd December 2017) Let Music Preach went out to show some love to the kids and young mums at Wings of Compassion Rescue Home. This was done by donating Bible Study books on ‘Pursing Purity’, novels, dictionary, bible, as well as food(cereals, flour, cooking oil, etc) which are the most urgent need of the home. A big thank you to all who made this possible.

The home still needs much more donations. From girls going to High school who need books to basic necessities such as food. Feel free to contact us via if willing to help out. Cheers!


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Kamlesh Kagaba releases his third studio album – L.A.M.B. (Living All My Bars)


Patrick Kagaba a.k.a Kamlesh Kagaba is an East African Christian rapper and poet born and raised in Kenya by a Kenyan Mum and a Ugandan father. He began rapping at 16 years of age and started doing gospel rap in 2006 when he responded to the gospel and became a follower of Christ. Kamlesh Kagaba uses the Biblical sound as inspiration to his music ministry while making use of rap that allows for expression of his creative gift in a fun but thought provoking style to stir people from all generations to cultivate an intimate and meaningful relationship with God.

“MADLOVE MIXTAPE Vol.1”, a collaborative project with top gifted artistes across the Kenya in 2009 set an entry platform for him in the gospel music ministry. In 2011, he released his debut album “InDependence” which received incredible review ratings from top music industry players setting a platform that introduced him to the wider East African region. He toured Uganda and Tanzania. InDependence was themed on “Living in total surrender to God”. It featured hits such as “Its Okay”, “Changing the World”, “Mapangashua” & “Songa Mbele”

2014 was a defining moment in his life when he lost his mum. The experience served as a reminder of the frailty and temporal nature of human life; also, it inspired him to work on “Breaking News”, his sophomore album. The album was successfully released through a full live band concert on 13th December, 2015. The project contained inspirational hits such as “Mfalme” (featuring the Late Kaberere & Jaya), “Fika Bei”, “Nia Yako”, “Mwangaza” and “Frequency Yake” among others.

Kamlesh Kagaba has earned great respect among key music ministry and industry players due to rich content that speak to those in and those out of the Christian faith to live a life that edifies God and humanity. He has been nominated in the renowned Mwafaka Awards as a top Gospel Rap Artiste, Hip Hop Song of The Year. This talented rapper has performed alongside top global artistes such as Da T.R.U.T.H., Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Deitrick Haddon, The Ambassador, K.B., S.O and Trip Lee.

In 2017, he was elected as the first Chairman of the Kenyan Holy Hip-hop Association and is serving to see Kenyan Christian hiphop grow to greater heights as he takes part-time studies in Ministry at the East Africa Baptist School of Theology. Kamlesh Kagaba is a dedicated husband and father. He is a strong believer and advocates for the family institution and staying plugged to a local church.


L.A.M.B. is Kamlesh Kagaba’s third studio album, the acronym stands for “Living All My Bars”; a complete thought emphasizing the eminence of living out what we say especially as believers. The heart of the message aims to exhort and instruct the listener to put to practice what they proclaim.

L.A.M.B. is primarily based on:

  • Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity, (Titus 2: 7&8)
  • I tell you, on the Day of Judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.” (Matthew 12:36-37)

This masterpiece recording has some amazing features including Loso, a respected name in the Christian Hip Hop circles globally and top Christian rappers in the continent David Kalilani, Limoblaze, Courtney Antipas, Elandre, Rigga, Noel Nderitu, Tybe & Mohwaz.

L.A.M.B. strives to drive home the message of being TRUE TO SELF, GOD & HUMANITY by urging us to bear fruits that are consistent with the faith that we profess. Just as Matthew 7:16 says, “You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles?”


One of the key concerns is how it appears that the Gospel music scene is being defined and guided more by the music culture than Christ and the scriptures. This is also true in most career fields and society in general. Christians have become lukewarm in living out what we proclaim and preach. If Kenya’s population is 70% Christian, as statistics currently show, why does the character of this nation not match this statistic? Are we Christians by speech and name but actions and character the exact opposite?

What causes this disparity?

  • Lack of Discipleship [and accountability]
  • Pride [Lack of Humility]
  • Lack of Impact, togetherness with Churches, Vision.
  • Lack of commitment to the local Church &its mission.
  • Lack of sound teaching


L.A.M.B. aims to:-

  • Put more emphasis on character development than just craft enhancement in music and ministry.
  • Enhance faithful handling of God’s word and establish a discipleship culture in the Gospel music scene for the sake of growth in the faith to effectively advance the Gospel.
  • Help uprising and established Christian musicians approach their music with biblical views and solutions in order to produce a systematic change in the community.

Using the above model, L.A.M.B. will spread the same message to other sectors of the society in a bid to create a more impactful Christian movement in the country and beyond.

This will be achieved through a myriad of media beyond the music album, namely; conferences, Workshops and Seminars, Tours/Concerts & Publications

All these will be geared towards:

  • Bringing a missional balance to our generation. ~ Matthew28; 18-20
  • Getting us to re-evaluate our hearts. ~ 2 Corinthians 13:5
  • Edifying, educating and equipping believers (starting with Gospel Musicians) ~ Ephesians 4:12


01 L.A.M.B. [ft.Rigga]

02 Njaa [ft. Tybe]

03 Weka Mic Chini

04 Most High [ft. Loso & Mohwaz]

05 Far Beyond

06 Soldier On

07 Biblical Support

08 Kioo Ngozi

09 More Than Words

10 Wanilinda [ft. Mohwaz & Noel Nderitu]

11 L.A.M.B. Remix [ft. David Kalilani, Elandre, Limoblaze, Courtney Antipas & Rigga]

12 Kamanda Full [Bonus Track]

Executive Producer: Kamlesh Kagaba (for UrbanLight Recordings)

Tracks Mixed & Mastered by: Michael “Othole” Mukama of NYNP, Charles Righa and Gittx of Rhyme-X Production

Album Mastered by: Michael “Othole” Mukama of NYNP

How to get the album:

More International Acts this September – Catch Mali Music x Da’ TRUTH x Lilly Million at Relentless 2017

August had its fair share of international acts and September has been even more epic.

Momentum conference 2017 hosted another Zambian artiste; Pompi (last year they had Abel Chungu Musuka). Pompi was part of an Instameet on Saturday 26th August afternoon at Rosslyn Riviera mall and later made a guest appearance at Worship in the Wild 3. Watch the snippet below of his acapella performance at WITW3:

The main concert was on Sunday August 27th 2017 at Karura Community Chapel. Pitson, Bigman and Recapp were the opening acts and they did a good job at it. Pompi was also handed the Groove Award for Best Southern Africa Artist Of the year by the Zambian Ambassador to Kenya Brenda Muntemba.

Donnie McClurkin was in Nairobi at the end of August for the Daughters of Zion (DOZ) convention hosted by Jubilee Christian Church Kenya. His tour climaxed with a free concert on 2nd September 2017 dubbed #WorshipWithDonnie at JCC Parklands featuring Sammie Okposo (from Nigeria), Mercy Masika and Bigman.

Hillsong United during their inaugural Kenyan tour visited Dagoretti High School and had a sold out worship night at Citam Karen on Saturday 9th September 2017 evening. They were accompanied by Hillsong South Africa Lead Pastor Phil Dooley. Mercy Masika, Everlyn Wanjiru and Mwanga Band were the opening acts. Their Kenyan tour was hosted by Hope media Kenya, groove networks, Mosound events and film studios.

Now on Sunday 24th September Relentless 2017 is going down at Nairobi Chapel, Ngong Road. The International acts include Mali Music, Da’ Truth and Lilly Million. Get to know them a little better in the next few lines.


Kortney Jamaal Pollard (born January 12, 1988) who performs under the stage name Mali Music is an American recording artist, singer-songwriter and producer. Pollard was born in Phoenix, Arizona. He learned to play the piano at age 5 and at age 11 was active in the ministry of music in his church. His two independently released albums, The Coming (2008) and The 2econd Coming (2009), earned him much critical and underground acclaim. In 2011, he was the first inspirational artist to be a part of BET’s acclaimed “Music Matters” series.

Signed to RCA Records in 2013, Mali released the single “Beautiful” in anticipation of his first major album release Mali Is… which was released on June 17, 2014 and earned a Grammy nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album. In 2016, Mali Music issued the single “Digital” in advance of the release of his fourth studio long-player, The Contradiction of Mali, which dropped in early 2017.


Dubbed South Africa’s Tracy Chapman – Lilly Million is soon to be a forced to be reckoned with in the African music industry. Her music is along the lines of Folk/Soulful rock. After two years in the making, and after 3 singles “Frontlines” “Better Things” and soulful ballad “Tell Me You Love Me” on heavy rotation in South Africa Lilly had the opportunity to dip her feet in the music industry water piquing the interest of audiences and the industry in general, and finally released her debut album on Love, Truth & Freedom in 2012. The bohemian folk singer caught the attention of record executives in 2010 at an impromptu performance in Melville. The label, Electromode, were intrigued by Lilly’s off-the-wall presence and unique voice. There was certainly no other young black female in this country performing folk music, and if so, certainly not with this level of passion, distinctive vocal delivery and lyrical poetry!

Between 2011 and 2012, Lilly Million has already performed at both the White Mountain Festival, Oppikoppi, Hansa Festival of Legends and Jacaranda Pops and has been working the live circuit in Gauteng with her 4 piece band. She has performed alongside the likes of The Muffinz, Nothende, Khaya Mthethwa, Arno Carstens, David van Vuuren and Doctor Victor to name a few. Lilly also collaborated with Teargas on the song “Forgive Me” on their latest release “Number Number”. Lilly Million has been compared to the legendary likes of Tracy Chapman which sets a high standard which her debut album “On Love, Truth & Freedom” manages to deliver. It is a fusion of her love of organic folk and powerful pop and soulful rock, lyrically questioning truth, politics, current affairs, freedom and of course, love.

In 2014 after coming to firm grips with her faith Lilly Million decided to take a leap and move into Christian Contemporary music. She left her previous label and has gone on to join the Christian Entertainment powerhouse – Fresh Impressions. Lilly has collaborated with Abel Chungu (Zambia) on the song “Superman Stronger” which his latest album release ‘Love Unleashed’. She has also performed alongside highly recognised acts including Janette…Ikz and Ezikiel Azonwu of P4CM, DJ Eazy and touring with Da T.R.U.T.H as part of the Celebration of One line on December 2014. Lilly has also since recorded and released her first gospel offering entitled “A Traveller’s Rest” which tackles the rocky road walked by believers while still maintaining her original, authentic and quirky sound.

Besides music Lilly is also a qualified Scriptwriter and budding director and wrote directed both her music videos for “Frontlines” and “Tell Me You Love Me” which managed to achieve rotation on SABC3, ETV and Channel O. She has also directed music videos for other local artists including Tuks Senganga “Let me Live now”, Notshi – “Birthday weekend” as well as D-skwad – “end of the month”.

One of her greatest achievements is the Mzansi Gospel Award Lilly received for “Best Female artist of the year” in 2015 for her acoustic EP entitled “A Traveller’s Rest”. This budding star definitely has a lot to offer in entertainment industry and is set to shine for a very long time. If you have never listened to Lilly Million, do not waste another minute. Lilly’s rich poetic lyrics expressively framed in simple melodies is bound to capture your attention.

DA’ T.R.U.T.H.

Philadelphia’s Emanuel Lee Lambert, Jr. known on stage as Da’ T.R.U.T.H. is the forerunning artist in Christian Rap. This Cross Movement protégé is an urban missionary who is decorated with honors and accolades in music, an educated teacher of the Word and a continually evolving entity with an enthralling desire to impact a generation with the truth. Receiving Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at a very young age, Da’ T.R.U.T.H. listened to contemporary Christian music but never had an interest in rap music although finding elements of the culture appealing. He began playing drums as a teen and discovered a natural deft for rhyming when stumbling into free-style rap. This innate skill led to Da’ T.R.U.T.H. co-founding a Christian Hip Hop group NIV and acquiring the first moniker of Truth. From there the urban missionary was birthed.

He released his first album under Cross Movement Records named Moment of Truth (April 6, 2004). The Faith is the second solo album from Christian hip hop artist Da’ T.R.U.T.H., released on September 13, 2005. On July 10th 2007 he released his third album Open Book. In 2009 Da’ T.R.U.T.H. released his fourth album called The Big Picture which features collaborations with Kirk Franklin, Trip Lee, and Tye Tribbett. This project hit No. 1 on the iTunes Christian & Gospel Chart on the day it came out, also reaching No. 1 on the CMTA R&B/Hip Hop Chart, No 2 on the Billboard Gospel chart, and No 4 on the Billboard Contemporary Christian chart during release week. His fifth album was titled The Whole Truth (September 13,2011); sixth was Love Hope War(January 29, 2013); seventh was Heartbeat (April 15,2014) and eighth was It’s Complicated(June 3 2016)

A graduate of Philadelphia Biblical University and The Institute of Jewish Studies, the vanguard rapper received a 2007 Stellar Award for Rap/Hip Hop Gospel CD of the Year for THE FAITH. That album was highlighted by Da’ T.R.U.T.H. co-producing and even playing keyboards and drums accentuating his credence that “artistry should never be place on the altar for the sake of the message – instead, it should heighten it potency.”

2009 brought about a Stellar Award and Grammy nomination for OPEN BOOK. Continuing this impressive streak, he captured a 2010 Stellar Award for THE BIG PICTURE which also reaped Grammy and Dove Award nominations. THE BIG PICTURE was the first Christian Hip Hop CD to debut in the #1 spot on the iTunes Christian and Gospel chart and Da Truth’s second debut at #2 on the Billboard Gospel Charts. Da’ T.R.U.T.H. continued to establish his place as a hit maker being featured on two top 10 singles (Radio and Records Christian Rhythmic Chart) with label-mates The Ambassador (“Feels Good”) and Flame (“LADIES”).

Featured on Kirk Franklins “Hero” world tour alongside duo Mary Mary, Da’ T.R.U.T.H. has toured extensively making appearances at Bishop T.D. Jakes’ MegaFest, Christian Music’s premiere music festival Creation Fest, Rap Fest, Flavor Fest and many others. He also garnered television appearances and performances on the 24th Annual Stellar Awards, MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, BET’s Lift Every Voice, TBN, Daystar and Gospel Music Channel.

Although decorated with awards and honors and a respected catalog of hit singles and records, the real fruit of Da’ T.R.U.T.H.’s labor is in the lives of the people who have been exposed to his ministry.

Relentless 2017 will be happening at the Nairobi Chapel Hyper Dome on Sunday the 24th of September from 2pm onward. Come and experience Grammy nominated Gospel superstars Mali Music and Da TRUTH, as well as South Africa’s Lilly Million, our very own Noel Nderitu and DJ GG blazing the decks. Relentless 2017 is brought to you by Tamar Ventures in partnership with Kubamba Radio, Nairobi Chapel and Groove Networks. Advance tickets go for Ksh.500/= and gate tickets at Ksh.1,000/= Group Ticket for 5pax are going for Ksh. 2,000/=

Grab your tickets on

Update: Relentless concert was indefinitely postponed after the loss of Mali’s passport


Article Written by: Phoenix


Hip Hop superstar MUHANJII, releases his debut video and EP Compilation at the same time as he affirms his position in the industry with spectacular display of artistry and branding. This song has a theme that every young christian can relate to. “The song is based on Mathew 8:23, Jesus called a storm to utmost silence when everything seemed not possible. Then again I got a vibe of seeing Jesus’ reflection in my storm, true to the word in the book of Mathew and in the song its always okay so long as you are sailing with Jesus” Muhanjii said.

SAWA is a sleek hip hop track coupled up with new age, futuristic sonic appeal that will have every Muharmy fan a reason to have it on repeat mode. #SAWA. The Video was Directed by Jijo Drumbeats for JD Films, Audio Produced by 808 wafalme, Mixed and mastered by Ngalah of Boxhouse Media.

Muhanjii is a brand built on being unconventionally conventional christian urban lifestyle, this track and the video are just a highlighting of the same. The official video is the second release after top charting Blandah and his debut music video since going solo and being signed up to Verse5ve’s Agency5ve Record Label. Agency 5ve is a Kenyan record label that operate as a subsidiary of Verse 5ve. Majorly deals with all its artists’ brand management, marketing, music publishing, touring and merchandising, major partnerships and new business ventures for the brands on its roster.

Muhanjii released his EP at a private event on Tuesday night at Imax Arfa Lounge dubbed #MuhanjiiAtImax where the guests got to sample the tracks on his self titled EP. The EP has 6 tracks:
1. Ni Yeye (Produced by Rob Omol)
2. Blandah (Produced by 808 Wafalme and mixed and mastered by Ngalah for Box House Media)
3. Sawa (Produced by 808 Wafalme and mixed and mastered by Ngalah for Box House Media)
4. Favour (Produced by Yo Alex for Drama House Music)
5. Hate (Produced by Mike Muema)
6. On Time (Produced by Rob Omol)
and a Bonus track : Bout’ That Life feat. Verse 5ve (Produced by Mike Jay for Realtym Music)

When asked about the diversity of music in his EP, Muhanjii said that he is easy with many genres. This definitely gives his listeners a taste of his musical creativity. Two months into his solo career, Muhanjii is tipped to be the next mover and shaker in the African Christian Hip Hop Industry with a two top charting singles, a video and an all time classic self titled EP. Keep your eyes and ears open for news on his next project.

Buy Muhanjii’s Debut EP:


After the most recently concluded Famous5ve event, which hosted Multiple Award Winning American Artist – Sho Baraka on June 4th 2017, Verse5ve is on a roll as it announced operations of their new label – Agency5ve – today. Agency5ve, which is set to release its first product in the next few days, will majorly deal with all its artists’ brand management; marketing; music publishing; touring & merchandising; major partnerships and new business ventures for the brands on its roaster.

Agency5ve will officially be home to newly signed multi-talented rapper/artist Muhanjii in label. Muhanjii is a former member of The T412 Rap group and recently featured on Verse5ve’s recent Famouse5ve’s Open Mic Session(Class of 2017) Powered by Boom Play Music and Ghetto Radio 89.5 begins his solo career on a high with an untitled project already in the works and everyone literally waiting to hear and see him maximize this major career move.

Asked on why Agency 5ve settled on Muhanjii as the first artist under the Label, “Muhanjii has the thrill, Zeal and Energy new artists should have. I believe he can be a game changer in the Kenyan Christian Hip-Hop Industry and if everything works as planned he might actually just cross the East African borders” – Co – Founder Johnson Juma mentioned. Agency 5ve is the first label of its kind in Kenya that targets to grow the local Christian Hip-Hop scene. It might just grow to become a global phenomenon and join the leagues of Reach Records and Humble Beast.

Label Executive Dennis Karenge and Co-Founder Albert Zakayo highlighted the label’s desire to maximise on the advancement of digital media and technology in the music industry. “Our mission is to put Kenyan Christian Hip Hop music on the map as a premium region in African scene.” – Label Executive – Dennis Karenge commented. With their A – List team already executing major moves ahead of Muhanjii’s first single release scheduled for next week, Agency5ve cannot wait to see the success of this relationship and looks forward to the addition of other new and fresh artists to add to its roaster as time goes by.


Sho Baraka is coming to Kenya

Humble Beast’s recording artist, Sho Baraka will be live in Kenya on Sunday June 4th 2017 rocking the Nairobi crowd courtesy of Verse 5ve Events!!!!

For those who by chance have no idea who Sho Baraka is, below is some Biography:

Amisho Baraka Lewis (born January 10, 1979), better known by his stage name Sho Baraka, is an American Christian hip-hop artist and writer who has recorded both independently and as a founding member of the 116 Clique.  He was educated at Tuskegee University and the University of North Texas, Sho studied Television/Film, Anthropology, and Public Administration.  He was originally signed to Reach Records until leaving in March 2011. He then co-founded a record label and group known as “High Society” with fellow Christian rappers J.R., Swoope, and Suzy Rock. His debut album Turn My Life Up was released in November 2007. His second album Lions and Liars, was released March 2010. His third album Talented Xth was released in January 2013. His fourth album, The Narrative was released in October 2016. You can download it from

Sho Baraka has also done numerous overseas activist work, ranging from race relations in South Africa to establishing musical cohorts in Indonesia and is also the founder of Forth District. He now desires to blend his artistic platform with his academic leanings to contribute a unique perspective in both arenas in hopes of raising the standard, thereby raising the culture. Sho currently lives in Atlanta, GA and co-leads a consulting network that is active in cultural renewal.

Now ‘Verse 5ve’ is all about urban events happening every quarterly, hosted by Djs and artists showcasing the best of urban gospel including EDM, Hip hop, neo-soul, spoken word, beat boxing and more. The first Verse 5ve event was held on May 4th 2014 at Petma restaurant and the second dubbed ‘On My 5ve’ was held at Uptown foods restaurant. Currently the events go down at Memorial Park to accommodate the growing family of hiphop and urban music lovers and so far 12 events that have brought together the young and not so young is the pride of this team that pulls all this together. The last event, #Radical5ve showcased the first international act (Nigerian born and London raised) Seun “S.O” Otukpe whose currently under Lamp Mode recordings.

#Famous5ve is going down on June 4th 2017 at Memorial Park. This time round, there will one…no no! Its way better than that; there will be two international acts!!! That is, Sho Baraka and Dj Eazy from South Africa who has over 19 years of deejaying experience. The Kenyan acts will be So Real, Josh Xtra and P31. The resident deejays: Deejay Sanch and Deejay DoubleO will keep the speakers blazing from the decks and will be joined by a guest dj; Deejay A1, an alumni of Kubamba Deejay Kampus.  Churchboy, Manolo and Pompey as always will keep the crowd turnt! An open mic session that happens once a year in their quarterly events is one of the ways that Verse 5ve helps grow budding gospel artistes. Selected artistes (from submissions done earlier in the year) will have an opportunity to showcase their music live. Such a platform is the best exposure that any artiste can have.

Verse 5ve has already prepared the #Famous5ve playlist featuring jams from the artistes that will be holding it down on June 4th at Memorial Park. Get familiar with music from Shira Soreal, P31, Josh and Sho Baraka. Get your early bird tickets at 300/= exclusively via before May 14th. #Famous5ve is sponsored by: Ghetto Radio 89.5, Little Ride Kenya, Performers Rights Society of Kenya, BLAZE Kenya, Black Forest House and Rough Diamond Projects

300 Early bird (on sale till May 14th) – exclusively available at
500 Advance (May 15th to June 3rd) – available via 0710964626,  and at the Memorial park gate
700 At the gate (Gate open from 1:30pm, June 4th)
You can also Dial *299*22 from your mobile phone and follow the instructions to get your tickets(powered by Haiya Events & Mtickets)

Follow Sho Baraka on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
Follow Dj Eazy on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
Follow Verse 5ve on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
Follow Let Music Preach on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Blog post written by Phoenix

Christafari In Kenya

It’s always a thrill when international acts are hosted in Kenya. This time round, Christafari Band from across the oceans – Lomita, California; are on their Kenyan tour featuring Tunedem band(who are hosting them) that started on 28th April 2017 and will continue until 14th May 2017.  Tunedem band’s leader and founder, Kepha Charles is the official point man and tour organizer.

Photo credits: @Javier.delcid

Here is a bit of history on their beginnings: 
Christafari was founded in 1989 by Pastor Mark Mohr. Raised in a Christian family, Mohr strayed from his spiritual upbringing during his teens and turned to drugs and alcohol, going as far as growing and even dealing marijuana. After running away from home, living on the streets and hitting rock-bottom, he had an undeniable encounter with God that drastically transformed his world. At 17, Mark re-committed his life to Christ and took what he now calls his “Freedom Step” out of addiction. At that point, his greatest desire was to help others escape the same bondage that once entangled him. He felt God leading him to start the first Gospel reggae band in America. Just two weeks later the band was birthed at a camp talent show, when a friend said, “So you’re not a Rastafarian anymore; you’re a Christafarian.” And the name stuck! While their name may just sound like a play on words, in Biblical Greek it stands for a group of people who bear or represent the name of Christ. “At that time, the best advice I was given was to go to Bible College so I could be theologically and doctrinally sound,” says Mark, who attended BIOLA University with an emphasis on pastoral studies and missions. During his college years, Christafari continued to take shape as Mark wrote songs for the band’s first three albums.

In 1999, after recording two albums with Gotee Records under the tutelage of TobyMac, Mark branched out and founded his own record company, Lion of Zion Entertainment, with the goal of “reaching the world through world music,” and he later launched In 2002, while ministering in the Caribbean, Mohr met Trinidadian musician Avion Blackman. The two married a year and a half later and Avion joined the band full-time on bass and vocals. Avion comes from a very large musical family. Her father Ras shorty invented Soca and Jamoo music and trained his children to become his own backing band. She began singing lead on stage with him at only four years old and playing bass in his band The Love Circle at 14. Christafari is comprised of men and women from various continents, countries and cultures that share a love for reggae music and passion for following Jesus to the ends of the earth.

I got to attend #ChillageAtTheVillage on Sunday 30th April 2017. It was organized by Kubamba radio and held at Nairobi Chapel, Ngong Road. Kerry Kagiri, who hosts the ‘Turnt’ show on Kubamba radio, was the MC of the day. Dj Robo was on the decks ensuring that the crowd got turnt. Dj Moz later took over as Churchboy led the crowd dancing to some old skul music. Some of the performances were from Patrow, Webi who performed some of the tracks from his 2016 album – Lokunda(love) and Tunedem Band whose performance was electrifying to say the least. Christafari band topped the performances as the audience enjoyed their well-known gospel reggae music. A snippet of their upcoming video ‘Jump High Like A Maasai’ was also shot on site capturing the crowd. Chillage at the Village was definitely back in a grand way.

Christafari had also been to House of Grace, Langata on Friday(see photos here) and were ministering at Dandora Stadium grounds on Labour day. They will be in the country until 14th May 2017. See the poster below or visit their website for more details on where you can catch their live performances.

You can also follow them on social media:
Twitter: Christafari Band
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Blog Written by: Phoenix



I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought that my ears deceived me too. It felt like some of those times when you wish that time could fly so fast. That all clocks could strike thirteen. I wished my past could be carried away by a swift neck-breaking whirlwind. My head was so cramped and my eyes itchy with fatigue but still my afternoon didn’t seem to come to an end. The silence was deafening!!

What kind of life is this? Why can’t the long wait come to an end? It felt like the minute-hand on my watch had stood still and my calendar dates stuck on one long day. It felt like a heavy truck glued in the mud with no hope of ever moving even half an inch.

I raised my voice towards the heavens so loudly that I was afraid the whole world could hear me. My voice echoed across the thick green terrain. Hours later, the fierce looking clouds stared at me as if they would fall off the sky and run after me. What did I do wrong? I couldn’t get it. Still no sign. What do I do? I lay down with my head touching the ground because I couldn’t look up any more.

I sobbed in distress. My heart was heavy. I said my prayer a dozen more times but still nothing! Seconds had turned to minutes, minutes to hours and hours to many days. A year later I couldn’t see the sun rise or even set. My eyes didn’t even seem to trace the horizon of hope. Everything was dark. Darker than the deepest pit. Darker than the darkest coal on earth. I had to leave. With my hurting self, I just had to start moving.

My feet were feeble and very sore. Just as I rose up to walk, I heard a soft small voice like a flute so many meters away. It got clearer and I heard the best words ever! The serenity in my heart was incomprehensible.

“My son, why are you in despair? I am the Sovereign Lord and my thoughts are not like yours, neither are my ways. I never sleep nor slumber. How you perceive everything in your life is not the way I do. Some things in life are best learned in the darkest moments of your life and I need you to trust me more?  Did you know that the dry desert in your life draws you more to the river of life? In the silence is where my answer is. My desire is that you trust the miracle even when it’s not already there. I love you so much to let you go. I am with you.”

“Are you going through the darkest moments in your life and it feels like the heavens are silent? Praise Him with songs of thanksgiving! Desire Him more and allow Him to teach your heart to wait. If Abraham and Sarah didn’t wait, what would have become of their generation? Would Job receive the double portion of His wealth and riches either? May be through your waiting is when others will see God. It’s not easy but it’s worth it!”

Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God”


We are in a journey to achieving a set goal either socially, spiritually, economically or academically (the list may continue). We work hard day and night researching, working and praying so that our goal becomes a reality one day and for most of us, very soon. It’s like we have already figured it all out.

However, we most times forget a very important thing, process. Let’s use the example of salvation. When we got saved, it was a start of a journey in Christ. A journey to perfection, to be like Christ. This journey is neither smooth nor simple. There are trials, temptations, afflictions and persecutions. Why do these things come? They are to mature us from being babes to mature sons in Christ. They all come in the journey to the ultimate goal of salvation. We have to be tested to remove anything that is imperfect. If everything was without a process, we would never grow up. Let’s use this very obvious example, after being brought into the world, we had to go through Primary school then high school, college, an internship and until you can be given a job and you have to deliver. That in itself is a process. Imagine without the process and you are given the books of accounts to balance in a bank, you would not. Many of us hate and try to avoid processes so that we can achieve our goal overnight.

I appreciate processes because they have helped me grow up, have greater responsibilities and also enabled me make right decisions. The best example of a process I’d refer to is in the story of Joseph the son of Jacob (Gen 30- 50)

Joseph was sold by his brothers to Egypt and God took him through tough stages to mature him up until he became second in command in a foreign land. If he had not gone through the processes, and his brothers appear before him as they did when they went to look for food in Egypt, due to bitterness, he would have done them harm. However, God had worked on his heart and removed everything that was not of Him and taught him such that when he saw his brothers, he was delighted instead. That is the benefit of a process.

Let us not be a MICROWAVE GENERATION that wants things created and used in a day. We have to wait and walk step by step until we are there. As long as we have a goal and we are in course, we cannot avoid processes that toughen and are a measuring tool as to whether we are ready for the next level, just as exams are used in school. The stages in the process are not pleasant but God strengthens us so that we can overcome and become victorious.

Let us get ready for it, it may be bitter but it’s fruits are so sweet.

(Gal 4:1-2) Now I say that the heir, as long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave, though he is master of all, but is under guardians and stewards until the time appointed by the father.

Let’s embrace the principle of being made by God to what He desires of us. We should not forget that God is the potter and we are the clay. He molds us to His ideal perfect vessel. Let’s allow God to make us, to take us through the process. In every aspect of our lives education, ministry, talent or career. Nothing will come in a silver plate. We have to be formed for it first before we receive it. Shalom

Will you allow the formation process to your destiny?