11 months in and the the never sleeping Hip Hop star Muhanjii, has proven that he is on a mission, with the journey that he has taken us so far. We were introduced to him last year as a solo artist, signed into Agency5ve. He now introduces us to a new project, which puts a stamp on the fact that he is an artist that one can never sleep on. It is definitely remarkable how Muhanjii has shown a lot of consistency and growth in his craft. Just 2 months ago, he released a single Chenda Chenda which has become popular among the youth and is receiving massive radio airplay.


Odd One Out.

“Odd One Out” is Muhanjii’s second official project since the release of his highly successful self titled EP, last year. It is one that sets the tone for him, as he labels this project experimental and very dear to him. This Mixtape seeks to speak out Muhanjii’s life, as he lets us in on his journey, not just about him as an artist, but also as a young person in this generation trying to find his purpose and live out his faith. From the title itself, his message is clear, that he is not trying to fit in with the crowd, but chooses to stand out in every possible way.

The Mixtape that promises to bring the heat of the season contains a total of 10 tracks with a variety of genres ranging from country, hip hop and trap beats originally created and used by different artists, two recently released bonus tracks(Chenda Chenda and Rap Up 2017), and 3 freestyles off WGN, Homeboyz Radio and Kubamba Radio shows that Muhanjii has been to over the course of time.

“Odd One Out” Mixtape by Muhanjii is now available for download on MYMOOKH.

Preview the tracks on Youtube:


Cover Artwork by Za.wanga.

Audio was Mixed and Mastered by Like Mike.

Recorded at Realtym Studios.


Muhanjii, having established himself as an Unconventional Christian Urban brand, is a force to reckon with. He not only shows that he can challenge himself as a skilled artist through such an unorthodox release, but never slides away from his true mission, and that is to share the message of Christ through his God given talents.

The first project, his self titled EP, did amazingly well, with singles such as “Sawa” and “Blandah” topping charts and getting amazing feedback from his new found group of fans, Muharmy. He later did a couple of videos including “Rap up” released in December last year, and the recently released top charting track “Chenda Chenda”. We cannot forget to mention the only collaboration he has since been featured on alongside Josh Xtra and Yo Alex the producer, “Fresh Start”. Muhanjii continues to take us through an artistic journey, and there’s quite a lot to look forward to in the coming years.

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