Hip Hop Superstar MUHANJII, releases On Time Official Music Video. This song has a theme that every young christian can relate to. Based on Ecclesiastes 3:11 NIV In trials and tribulations we rarely think of the process we only look at the pain – heartache and strive. Pain does not necessarily make us strong, how we react to it does. Think of Job, the Israelites, Jesus in the wilderness and before being put on the cross. Sometimes we doubt God and that’s okay because it makes us curious and we want to know more which in the ends draw us closer to him. Faith, simply trust God, don’t try to understand him to trust him, as David said he has never seen a righteous man forsaken, you are made righteous through Christ Jesus. Daddy got you always never late or early. On Time is a sleek chilled out hip hop track coupled up with new age, futuristic sonic appeal that will have every Muharmy fan a reason to have it on repeat mode.

“On Time” marks Muhanjii’s second official video, since releasing “Sawa” late last year. The artist, whose brand has been built around his passion for unmasking truths, encouraging the same and empowering a young generation to foster hope, continues to share his message boldly embedded in each and every one of his lyrics.
The Video was Directed by Johnson Juma @OnlyJush, Shot by Charlly Charllie “Focus Visual” and Edited by Ian Muhanjii. Audio Produced, mixed and mastered by Robbie Omol

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Muhanjii has set the tone since going solo and being signed by Verse5ve’s record label, Agency5ve, as one who lives an unconventionally unconventional christian urban lifestyle, and his music speaks the same. From kicking off this journey with three releases, “Blandah”, “Sawa” and “Rap Up” to releasing his self titled EP and a collaboration with the producer Yo Alex and artist Josh Xtra in “Fresh Start”, Muhanjii’s consistency and tenacity seem to be the headers of his game. “On Time” is now his second official video, which proves that he has no intention of slowing down his pace any time soon.
Muhanjii is a brand built on being unconventionally conventional christian urban lifestyle, this track and the video are just a highlighting of the same. The official video is the second release after top charting Blandah and his debut music video since going solo and being signed up to Verse5ve’s Agency5ve Record Label.


Phoenix is the founder of Let Music Preach. He is also a creative who writes, deejays, does digital design and photography. He is passionate about using music to influence the masses.

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