Lyrics: MWAMBA by Elandre

Mwamba which is a Kiswahili word for Solid Rock is @iamelandre first single to release in 2018. By all means God is the solid rock in whom we put all our trust. Mwamba speaks volumes to both believers and unbelievers to fully put their trust in the almighty King of all kings. Directed by @luiarts and Produced by @ic_tz of @eternalenttz; the beat was created by @kidswahili. Neema Balige @ms_doreen_balige did the voice-over on the hook. This jam will inspire, motivate and get you up on your feet. 😀 Shout out to Neema Balige @ms_doreen_balige for the sweet voice-over on the hook.

Lyrics: MWAMBA by Elandre

Wewe ndiwe taa imulikayo mbele yangu
Wewe ndiwe nuru mwanga maishani mwangu(maishani mwangu!!)
Mwamba, mwamba ulio imara (x2)
We’wanijaza furaha

Mwamba, usiotikisika
Mwamba, usioharibika
Mwamba, usiovunjika huu
Mwamba, usiovutika na kamba
Walishaujaribu wakasanda
Maana hao ni viumbe changa
Hata wakijaribu jichanga

Tengeneza silaa, jenga sana hio minara mwisho wake ni karaha
Unapojaribu pingana na Mungu unachotafuta hapo si-balaa?
Kwa wale wasioamini, unachosubiri ni nini kupewa hidhini?
Au matendo ya waaminio yanawafanya muingie mitini?

Tujihadhari, ili tusije daiwa mwishoni Hii kitu ni serious
I’m just saying we shouldn’t be hideous
But relate to the one who lives within us
He’s the King in us, it don’t matter you do or ain’t feelin us. This another level altogether we backed up by invincible soldiers ain’t no-one defeating us.

God with us so they hating (hating)
Join us b’fore it’s too late
Quit the underestimating (quit!)
There’s more of us than you mate
Four of us two of you mate
Roll on us we on you mate..
We about to influence
This culture with the love of God Eeeh..

Love em even when they curse you
Love your neighbor as yourself right?
Most of it is just to test you
Are you for real or you fake huh?
God is real whether you gon feel it or you ain’t gon feel it, it don’t matter man
I’ll be filling out the latter plans
And he’ll be with me if I take a chance

Take a stance for my faith
Prove that I believe in what I believe
My future so bright I need shades
Goodness and mercy shall follow me all of my days
Locked the door to my past took em keys and I threw em away
Took the risk and I flew right away
Peter Pan now they call me the man


Phoenix is the founder of Let Music Preach. He is also a creative who writes, deejays, does digital design and photography. He is passionate about using music to influence the masses.

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