Jericho Down Lyrics by Lady Kahi

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Jericho Down by Lady Kahi

Run around we in Jericho
Walls falling down in Jericho
Battles I’m winning in Jericho
What you doing down in Jericho
Jesus said I should take the land, a Don even care what your game plan
Obstacles, I’m stuck in my lane, but they going down, that’s His game plan
I know what’s popping, yeah I know the popa, when He go before me I prosper
My limitations are His invitations, we go in divide and conquer
Me I go round round seven times, shout to the rooftop
Hear that sound sound the walls go down mic drop

The marching they marching around
They know they don’t conquer the ground
And now they waiting for the sound
Shout, bring Jericho down *2

Bring Jericho down
Bring bring Jericho down *4

No one can stop me, not even my doubt,and I’m casting down every thought that’s exalting itself above the command of the Lord over my life, I’ll be living my life to the fullest
Fullest, I’m rocking with the realest
I’m on the side of the illest
No one can stand against me, no pride when I sit with the meekest, meekest
I’m blest, my chains are falling down
I rest, he took away my frown
The test, already passed got a crown
Impressed, by how this is going down

What is your Jericho?
What are those walls
We be breaking down every chain in the name of Jesus,
Pause, can you hear that
There’s an army rising, and we won’t be dying
So the enemy better take a seat no trying
So my past, I see you fall
Depression, I see you fall
Doubt and fear, I see you fall
Bitterness, I see you fall
Cz the one on my side is victorious so step down
And I’m delivered it’s soo glorious I take my crown

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