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Please do not add us to your email lists. Be sure to provide an introduction to the artist, song/album, along with links buy and/or stream, and to websites and social network profiles. For better results, be professional and thorough. If you ignore these guidelines (you probably aren’t reading this sentence) we will delete your e-mail and move on to the next submission.

Please e-mail your singles, free songs, free album downloads to

– E-mail Subject: “STREAM: ARTIST – SONG TITLE” or “FREE DOWNLOAD: ARTIST – SONG TITLE or ALBUM TITLE”. Please change the “ARTIST” and “SONG or ALBUM TITLE” in the subject to your artist name and song title.
– .mp3 file as an attachment or link to download the free album
– hi-res single/album cover (at least 1000×1000 pixels). Artwork must not contain ANY promotional content (Website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
– producer(s), lyrics (if possible. Lyrics submissions are given priority on our website because we are all about the message in the music), and social network profiles
– lastly, and most important – link to stream the song or album

We are unable to upload submissions that contain copyrighted instrumentals (ie: remixes). If your submitted content contains a beat that you don’t own or have permission to use we will have to decline your submission.

– E-mail Subject: “VIDEO: ARTIST NAME – SONG TITLE”. Please change the “ARTIST NAME” and “SONG TITLE” on the subject to you/your artist and video title. If you don’t, then come on, we have to delete it on principle.

Please send us your video (link to download, or YouTube link) with permission to rip / download, and upload on our Let Music Preach YouTube channel. E-mail your submission with permission to: You can copy and paste this general permission statement to use when emailing us: “I give Let Music Preach permission to upload and monetize my music video for “(Insert Song Title)” to their YouTube channel and post on their website.” We will embed using the link provided if permission is not given.

See our article submission guideline for those submitting general articles here. You can send albums, press releases, news, release dates and hi-res album cover art / press images to:

We have limited time to put into Let Music Preach, so please make it easy for us to cover you. We receive many submissions each week, so please do not contact us asking if we’ve received your submission. Be thorough in your submissions. Submit us quality content that promotes Christ and we’ll probably post it.


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